Non Toxic Food Grade Pesticides


Description: 767- SEPT is a bacterial detergent. 767- SEPT has anti bacterial activity. Colourless liquid with characteristic odor.

Contains: A mixture of propriety surfactants at 170 grams to a litre.

Application: Cleansing, disinfecting and sanitising of fruits and vegetables. Used in pack houses post harvest pre packing and shipping.


767-SEPT consists of food grade ingredients only.

767-SEPT has no bad taste or bad smell and is non-toxic.

The product is Hypochlorite free, Peroxide and Dioxide free. 767-SEPT is also confirmed for organic crops.

It is very safe in use, no need for post rinsing.


Description: Agri Soap is highly effective against Cochineal, whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) nymphs, powdery mildew, downy mildew and Red Spider mite. It also suppresses the transmission of non-persistent viruses, vectored by Aphids (ZYMV). In combination with other insecticides it acts as an effective surfactant.

Contains: 170 gr/Lit. exclusive complex of soap & essential neem oils.

Application: – 0.4% in sufficient volume of spray. (500 – 100 litre / Ha.

Packaging:  5 & 20L Plastic containers.


Effective in the control of Cochineal

Controls whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) in all crops through instant direct contact of nymphs and pupae of whiteflies.

Suppresses the transmission of non-persistent viruses, vectored by Aphids, such as ZYMV in squash, melons, tomatoes and watermelons.

Controls powdery mildew & Red Spider mite.

Being an agricultural soap , used as an efficient surfactant (wetting agent), in combination with all insecticides and fungicides.

Being non-toxic, completely biodegradable and harmless to beneficial insects, Agri Soap 787 TR + fits well with the concepts of IPM and organic agriculture, and can be applied up to harvest.


Description: Topical spray, used to successfully repel mosquitos.

Application: Spray as needed to exposed areas of body

Packaging:  30ml, 500ml 0r 750ml spray dispensers


Keeps mosquitos away for up to 8 hours

Excellent results against the malaria carriers anopheles

Non-toxic & bio-degradable

Highly effective against midges and ants too


Description: Concentrate mosquito reppellent that is diluted with water and applied to surfaces to repel mosquitos.

Application: – 1% Dilution with water

Packaging:  1L, 5L & 20 L


Keeps mosquitos away for up to 5 days

Excellent results against the malaria carriers - anopheles, zika, dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya mosquito - Aedes Aegypti

Non-toxic & bio-degradable

Very effective in controlling mosquito breeding, when applied to the surface of the breeding pool it seals off oxygen and destroys the mosquito larvae

Also highly effective in keeping ants away