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AgriChallenge has become associated in the market as a supplier and agent of vegetable seed and agricultural equipment to commercial growers in SADEC and South Africa.

AgriChallenge is headed  by Ramy Tidhar who has 32 years experience in the agricultural industry working and consulting in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Greece, Egypt & more. He has supplied quality agricultural equipment to many companies over the years. 17 Years ago, Ramy decided to base his company in South Africa where he continues to serve South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Our focus is on quality service and an excellent product. We work with some of South Africa’s leading irrigation engineers and agronomists ensuring you the best up to date technical expertise. Our Head Office is situated in the suburbs of Pretoria, Gauteng, with representation in the main vegetable production areas. All staff have practical experience in farming, and it is our policy to employ only very competent personnel.

AgriChallenge is proud of the expertise built up over the past years, which combined with efficient service, means we will concentrate on what we do best – looking after the interests of the nation’s commercial growers.

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