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Kekkilä C-1 is a high quality peat substrate for plant progagation. It is screened to a fine grade, limed and fertilised, as a ready to use growing media. The raw material is homogenous white Sphagnum peat that contains naturally occuring biological active agents. They help plants to suppress diseases and stimlated healthy growth.

Instructions for use: The bales should be loosened carefully adding 15 - 20 litres of water per XL-bale and 350 - 500 litres of water per Maxi Bale during the loosening process.

The addition of water aids the formation of peat granules and is necessary for obtaining the optimal outvolume of the substrate.

Download a summary report titled "Testing the suppresive potential of several peat types on damping-off induced by the Pathogen Pythium aphanidermatum" by Sharon Zmora-Nahum of the Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Kekkilä C-1: Horticultural peat, limed and fertilized
Raw Material: White Sphagnum peat, humification H 1-3 von Post
Input before compression: 300Liters / XL-bale, 60.m3 / Maxi Bale 2.20m, 7.0m3 / Maxi Bale 2.40m (EN12580)
Weight of Bale: 45kg +/- 3kg / XL-bale, 995kg, +/- 50kg / Maxi Bale 2.25m 1055kg +/- 50kg / Maxi Bale 2.40m
Structure: 0-8 mm (fine C)
Dry Bulk Density: 70kg / m3

Dolomite lime
Kekkilä Starter fertiliser 1: N-P205-K20 14-9-24 (NO3-N7.0%, NH4-N 6.5%) +TE

pH EC N P K Press water analysis: 5.5 1.5mS/cm 120mg/l 40 mg/l 160mg/l
Soil analysis: 1+5* 5.921mS/m 80 mg/l 30mg/l 140mg/l
*EN 13037, EN 13038, EN13651, EN 13652
Heavy metals: There are no heavy metals that limit the use of this product
Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight isolated from any form of potential contamination of plant diseases
Origin: Finland