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Key Personnel

Ramy Tidhar - Managing Director
He has 32 years experience in the agricultural industry working and consulting in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Greece, Egypt & more. He has supplied quality agricultural equipment to many company's over the years. Ramy decided to base his company in South Africa where he continues to serve South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Refael Dayan - International Agricultural Projects manager.
He has a M.Sc. Agriculture and LL.B.
Former extension officer at the Extension Services of the Ministry of Agriculture, established experimental stations, and possesses considerable experience in setting up agricultural projects worldwide.

Ori Migdal - Peat, organic fertilizer and growth substrate manager.
He has an M.Sc. Agriculture.
He is engaged in the development of markets for peat, organic fertilizer and growth substrates.

Guy Don - Seed Manager and in charge of marketing.
He has a B.Sc. in Plant Protection and Genetics.
He possesses considerable experience in diverse agricultural fields.
He is an expert in acclimatizing various vegetable varieties, particularly vegetable varieties for cultivation in greenhouses.

Mark Fishman - Engineer. In charge of agricultural projects overseas.
He has a B.Sc. Agriculture – Soil and Water and irrigation.
He possesses considerable experience in sophisticated greenhouse crops, crops grown on soilless substrates with climate control and computerized control.
He designs, sets up and manages diverse agricultural projects all over the world.

Avi Koren - Aquaculture expert.
He has a B.Sc. in Aquaculture.
He possesses considerable experience in planning, setting up and providing professional support for projects involving various types of fish, seaweed, shrimp, ornamental fish etc.

Arye Volk - Agricultural economist.
He has an M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics and Management.
He has acquired extensive experience in agribusiness planning and development in various countries around the world.
He is an expert in preparing feasibility studies and business plans, including submittal to banks and international tenders.

Ohad Khalifa - Animal husbandry expert.
He has an M.Sc. Agriculture and livestock.
He plans and manages projects involving beef and dairy cattle, raising sheep, raising pigs etc.

Karmon Ilan - Poultry specialists.
He has and M.B.A degree.
He is an expert in all poultry stages: Incubators, mother eggs, layers, broilers, feed mills, slaughter, and poultry meat products.

Chin Abner - Cut Flowers specialist.
Specilized in growing flowers in greenhouses and open-field.
He has an M.Sc. Agriculture.
Between the years 1998-2002 was involved in many agricultural projects in India, Ethiopia and Vietnam.