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LitePure®-B Purification and Bottling Drinking water treatment plant

Aqdis has applied many years of experience in the water treatment industry to develop and manufacture complete and compact treatment systems.

Aqdis prefabricates compact plants intended to provide high-qality, safe bottle drinking water. the units are sufficiently compact for quick transportation either by air or truck.

The LitePure®-B drinking water treatment plant is designed to treat water from many different sources: seawater, brackish water, ground water, and virtually any kind of contaminated water source.

The LitePure®-B series systems are designed for heavy-dty tasks, in order to withstand frequent relocation from site to site.

Main Elements:

  • Depth Multi Media Filters
  • Activated Carbon Filter (Optional)
  • Micron Cartridge Filters
  • The 5 micron replaceable cartridge filters are designed for highly effective filtration of water down to 5 micron. The filters are manufactured entirely from FDA approved materials, and are suitable for potable water.
  • Reverse Osmosis Unit
  • CIP - Clean In Place System
  • The surface of RO membranes is subject to fouling by undesirable materials which may be present in the feed water, such as hydrates of metal oxides, calcium precipitates, organic and biological matter. The CIP is not part of the normal flow of the system, and is used only when required
  • Valves and Other Accessories
  • Control Panel


  • Designed to treat saline water from different sources: seawater, brackish water etc.
  • E liminates all solids, impurities, chemicals, bacteria and viruses from raw water
  • Sufficiently compact for quick transportation either by air or by truck.
  • Designed for heavy-duty tasks, in order to withstand frequent relocation from site to site.
  • Designed to supply safe drinking water at any site and condition, where potable water is limited. The water treatment unit can be mounted in a 20' ISO container for potable transportation via ground, air or sea.
  • The units can be either self-contained with their own power source or powered by external sources.
  • Suitable for all-climates, from tropical climate of 50oC up to winter climate of -10oC.
  • The equipment employed in LitePure® unit is designed to withstand these climate conditions.
  • The LitePure® treated water will meet the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for drinking water quality.